What Makes ALIX PARTNER BANK Unique?

We have our branches around the seven continents in the world, which includes Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.. When you deal with ALIX PARTNER BANK, you deal with an SRO licensed company and for sure you know that you will get approved and fully qualified advice from our reputable company. We are licensed financial advisors based in The United States. We hold the SRO license so you can be assured that you will receive independent financial advice..

You are unique, and so is your wealth.

ALIX PARTNER BANK has had a presence internationally for over 10 years. The group has a total workforce of 6,600 Globally including its subsidiaries.

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For over a decade, ALIX PARTNER BANK has committed to be at your side, protecting what you have, developing it, and eventually passing on your wealth to those important to you.

We Believe in You

At ALIX PARTNER BANK , we believe that the beauty of life lies in the little things that give us a better expression of ourselves, make us more social and connect emotionally.

Working everyday for the people that matter.

At ALIX PARTNER BANK , we see technology as an enabler and as a generator of new opportunities. We are forward-thinking, benchmarking trends in technology to shape our future coupled with our practical delivery on a highly automated platform that makes us unique.

For expert guidance and know-how you can Bank With Us.

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Duly filled and signed Account Opening Form Two (2) Specimen Signature Cards Two (2) Independent and satisfactory references (completed by another Limited Liability Company or higher. Two (2) recent and clear passport-size photographs for each signatory to the account Certificate of Incorporation (Originals to be sighted) Particulars of Directors – Form CO7 (Certified True Copy by the Registrar of Companies and originals to be sighted) Memorandum and Articles of Association (Certified True Copy by the Registrar of Companies/Director of Company) Board Resolution (Signed and Sealed) Identification of Signatories (International Passport, Drivers License, or National ID Card) Resident Permit (Where the signatory is an expatriate) Public Utility Receipt Form CO2 and CAC 2.1 (originals to be sighted) Visitation Form (Residential and Official) Letter of Set-Off (Signed and Sealed) Mandatory Initial Deposit Risk Assessment Form Additional KYC Form

FEATURES & BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS Account opening form duly completed One recent clear passport photograph of signatory Identification of signatories (Drivers License, International Passport, National Identity Card) Residence permit (where applicable).

Account opening form duly completed One recent clear passport photograph of signatory Identification of signatory (Drivers License, International Passport)

you may be building a nest egg for your approaching retirement, commencing a second career, investing the earnings from a successful business deal, or trying to ensure your next generation has a head-start on life. One of our strongest points is developing and implementing investment strategies to exceed your expectations, employing a mix of proven proficiency and cutting edge solutions. Always working with you to execute the plan, you can rest assured that your long term objectives will steer your portfolio towards the achievement of your ultimate goals.

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How the Banking Sector Impacts Our Economy

The banking sector is the section of the economy devoted to the holding of financial assets for others, investing those financial assets as leverage to create more wealth and the regulation of those activities by government agencies

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Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

The boring truth is that you make big money in the long game. The examples of decades of growth are unsexy, but they work tremendously well. Consider this: in 1951, Walt Disney hired a maid named Thelma Howard and gave her shares of The Walt Disney Company (DIS) stock each Christmas. When she died in 1994, she had 192,000 shares worth $9 million. She left the majority to her foundation supporting disadvantaged kids.

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Big Money Buying Suggests That Stocks Are Going up

The company is segmented into four divisions through which it offers a wide range of consumer and commercial banking services—retail banking and wealth management, global banking and markets, commercial banking, and private banking

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